Lighting Audit

What is a Lighting Audit?
A lighting audit consists of a 30-60 minute building or site walk through where a JACOMB lighting expert reviews your current lighting design and looks for the best green lighting solution (including lighting type, controls options, incentive opportunities, financing options) that will provide the most energy savings along with the most aesthetically pleasing design.

What do we need to bring to a Lighting Audit?
A recent energy bill and collectively agreed upon lighting problem overviews or desired lighting functionality.

Who are best candidates for a Lighting Audit?
Building owners or tenants that are responsible for paying their own energy bills. Companies that are looking for:

  1. A significant reduction in their energy bills - especially for businesses with evening or overnight business hours.
  2. A significant improvement in the look and professional presentation of their facility's interior or exterior.
  3. A significant decrease or elimination in staffers having to change hard to reach lamps that go out frequently.
  4. A decrease in their operational carbon footprint.
  5. A better employee environment (headache reduction, mood and productivity enhancement, improved ability to read fine print, etc)
  6. Improved marketing visibility for traffic passing by

How do I request a Lighting Audit?

Simply contact a JACOMB representative at:

Tel: 585-625-0880