Indoor Fully Networked Lighting Systems

Encelium's Energy Control System is unique in the industry. It's Lighting Your Way with seven Smart Strategies.

1. Smart Time Scheduling
2. Daylight Harvesting
3. Task Tuning
4. Occupancy Control
5. Personal Control
6. Variable Load Shedding
7. Plug Load

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Office Applications

Office Applications
Offices are the densest consumers of lighting energy in commercial space and Encelium's six energy management strategies are ideal for deployment in the office environment, resulting in a potential office energy saving of 50 - 75%. Learn more

Hospital Energy Saving

Hospital Energy Saving
Encelium's customized hospital energy lighting control solutions will reduce your carbon footprint while providing extraordinary energy savings, an immediate return on investment and optimized lighting control in this 24/7 environment. Learn more

School Energy Saving

School Energy Saving
Education facilities offer one of the greatest challenges to an energy management and lighting control system due to their diverse use coupled with typically long operating hours. This challenge is compounded by the unique audio visual requirements that are an essential part of modern day instruction. Encelium's ECS can take on the challenges of school energy saving by implementing our customized solution to reduce energy consumption of school lighting. Learn more

Commercial Parking Lighting Saving

Commercial Parking Lot Lighting
Only Encelium's Energy Control System offers both the flexibility and configurability to provide customized lighting control solutions to match the unique requirements of commercial parking lighting applications - both indoor (climate controlled) and outdoor applications - in order to achieve dramatically reduced parking energy lighting consumption. Learn more

Building Energy Management Systems: Simple to Design, Install, Use & Adapt.
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