LED Video Boards

JACOMB Lighting will help to customize your LED Video Board solution using LED video board industry leading products from Unilumin. From LED/LCD Video Monitoring to Video Conferencing...Broadcasting Rooms to LED Stadium Video Boards.

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LED Video BoardUpadIII4 Loyola Marymount University Graduation Class, LA, 2016

LED Video BoardUpadIII4 Electric Forest Festival, Michigan,USA 2016

LED Video BoardUtile4.8, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2013

LED Video BoardUtile3, LOL Championship, Seattle, USA

LED Video BoardUpanel1.5 KIRO 7 News

LED Video Board​Upanel1.5 Mexcio TV Station 2016

LED Video BoardUpadIII4, London,UK 2016

LED Video BoardUpadIII2, President Cup, New York 2016