Outdoor Network Lighting Controls with LSI

Today, outdoor lighting is largely managed through photocells or timers, which does not give property managers enough control over lighting to minimize energy costs while ensuring safety. LSI Controls provides a very fine level of control over your lighting network, enabling you to clearly define your lighting needs relative to the costs to attain them.

40 Watt | 100 Watt | 180 Watt | 200 Watt



The vast majority of streetlights today do not have mechanisms that allow for any individual-level control of the timing or the intensity of light, beyond a simple photocell. Our products provide the ability to provide the right amount of light at the right time. Just turning the lights on and off based on the time they are needed will typically reduce energy costs by 30%. By dimming lights when less light is needed, this figure rises to 50%. Learn more...

Paking Lots & Garages

Outdoor, parking lot and parking garage lighting provides an intrinsic value of safety. Virticus delivers the first intelligence of when people actually need the light. The Virticus solution intimately connects the timeliness of providing that value when it is needed and yet does not burden owners with unnecessary operational costs. Learn more...

Example of Wireless Lighting Control in a Parking Lot

For example, if a facility is open past dark, it will certainly need its parking lot fully lit until closing time. After closing, however, lighting can be reduced considerably. After 2 am, a bare minimum of light is needed until dawn.

Dusk to 11 tpm | 11 pm to 2 am | 2 am to dawn

• From 2 am until dawn, only the bare minimum of lights are used.
• The lights closest to the building are on, but dimmed.
• All other lights in the parking lot are off until dusk.

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